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Garage Build Cost Estimator

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Garage Build Cost Estimator

You might know that you want garage plans to build a new garage, but you might not have any way of knowing how to determine the cost to build a garage. That is a question that many people thinking about garage building have got. And the answer to the question about garage building cost doesn't have a one size fits all answer.

There are a bunch of variables you need to consider when building a garage including:
  • the cost of living in your area
  • how complex the garage plans you picked out are
  • how much of the garage building work you plan on doing yourself
Plus, the price of building materials can fluctuate pretty significantly depending upon seasonal variations and other influences. It's one thing to build a basic one car garage with no living area and it's totally another thing to build a 3 car garage with a one bedroom apartment. In one case you don't need any fixtures or utility hookups and in the other case you need some expensive fixtures plus finish material such as carpeting, toilets, trim, etc. The point is, it's not an easy thing to come up with an estimating tool that will give an accurate value of garage building cost to fit every circumstance.

Be that as it may, in an attempt to help you out, we developed a garage building cost estimator that will give you a ballpark idea for your garage building cost. The numbers won't be precise, but if you have a good handle on the variables such as the cost of living in your area, it will at least give you some notion of the price range of your cost to build a garage.

Click here to go to the garage build cost estimator.

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