The Truth About Free Garage Plans Offers

So what is all this talk about free garage plans? Can you, or can you not, get free garage plans online?

The simple answer is yes, you can get free garage plans online. Just to help you out there are a few links at the end of this that will even take you to some of those places. But do yourself a favor, and read all of this first.

There are in fact some free garage plans available online, and you might even find a set of garage plans that meets your needs. However, most websites offering free anything are doing it for another reason - they are trying to get you to their website with a seemingly incredible offer, or even trickery, so they can sell you something else.

Any free garage plans that you do find are typically not going to include a complete set of architectural drawings that your local government building and zoning office will require. They are more likely to consist of written instructions and computer graphics giving you an idea of what the garage components should look like. You should be very careful of the heritage of any free garage plans online and who created them. One set of garage plans that was found online showed wall stud spacing at 24" and rafter spacing at 36". Will this pass your local building codes? If a smudged, unreadable one page pdf file showing rudimentary one car free garage plans will suit your purposes, then you should be able to do well online.

Bottom Line - These free garage plans offers are all gimmicks to get you to come to their website so you'll buy something else.

We found 2 legitimate(?) offers for free garage plans. The first one offers a limited number of garage plans that you can download by sharing your email address with them. Once you sign up, expect to start getting emails from them (even before the free garage plans show up).

Update - we're still waiting for our free plans to show up.

The second offer for free garage plans came from a builder in Minnesota offering a set of free garage plans for a basic 2 car garage. We did download the plans and they do appear to be legitimate. Why would they be giving away garage plans you ask? Well, they want you to use their garage building company to build their garage. You don't have to live in their area to get the garage plans. If all you want is a basic set of 2 car garage plans, then these might just work for you and save you a little money.

Garage Plans DesignersHere is the link for the garage plans from the builder in Minnesota -
We are not promoting, recommending or soliciting for this offer - try it at your own risk.

For the time being, we have disabled the link to the other Free Garage Plans offer since they have not come through with the plans yet.

Let us know if you know of any other legitimate offers for free garage plans online and we will share them with everyone.

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